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Is your hard drive slow and cluttered? Reclaim your wasted hard disk space, organize your important files and speed up your hard drive with Partition Commander 11.Organize Optimize Your Hard Drive:Hard drives start with one single partition which holds the operating system, your applications, games and all of your important data, music, photos and videos. Over time, your hard drive becomes very cluttered and messy. Using Partition Commander, you can significantly improve your hard drive speed and organization by separating your operating system, applications and important data. This enables your hard drive to find files faster and easier.Redistributed Unused Disk Space:Do you need additional space in one of your existing partitions? No problem! Partition Commander lets you move unused disk space from one partition to another. Windows can't do this alone. Partition Commander's built-in tools do all the work for you in a few simple steps.Built-in Safety Features for Maximum Protection:No other partitioning software includes built-in safety features to protect you against system failures, including power loss. Partition your hard drive with ease and confidence knowing that Partition Commander safety and undo features will always be there if you need them.Features:Partition Commander - Safe, Easy, Reliable, Secure! Separate and Protect Your Important Data! Divide a single hard drive into two or more partitionsCopy, move, split and merge any partition without losing dataStep-by-step wizard guides you through partitioning processUndo feature any partition stepPowerful safety features protect you against system failures while partitioningRecover any delete partitionFix computer startup problemsRuns directly in WindowsPreview any partitioning tasks before completing itDefragment any partition for optimal performanceSupport USB drives Partition Commander, Download Version is one of many Travel & Map Software available through Office Depot. Made by Avanquest Software.

Partition Commander, Download Version Review

Even for 49.99 is Partition Commander, Download Version kinda weak. I should definitely choose something different.