Odyssey Toe Up 9 Putter



The Odyssey Toe Up putter is engineered with Stroke Balanced technology to make you a more consistent putter. Stroke Balanced technology reduces torque during the stroke for minimal twisting so you can keep the putter on line. Additionally, the shaft axis is engineered so that it is specifically aligned with the Center of Gravity. All this together makes it much easier to get the face back to square at impact, promoting a more consistent roll. This putter also features Odyssey's Tour-proven Metal-X face which is fly cut to make the face perfectly flat and then chemically etched to add the oval roll technology, providing you a pure roll. The three white line alignment detail is also included in the Toe Up putters. These lines absolutely pop off the Charcoal PVD finish, helping you setup perfectly to the ball.

Odyssey Toe Up 9 Putter Review

I love all Odyssey products, they are easy to use and the prices are excelent. Especially Odyssey Toe Up 9 Putter is wonderful just for 199.99.