NetgGear ProSafe AX742 24 Gigabit Stacking Kit



This accessory module is built to insert into any one of the 4 high-speed module bays found on either the ProSAFE GSM7428S or ProSAFE GSM7352S. Once inserted, the high-speed module bay can then be utilized with standard 10GBASE-X XFP modules for fiber connectivity at 10Gbps speeds. Specifically, this adapter module accommodates the ProSAFE AXM75110GBASE-SR (Short Reach) or ProSAFE AXM752 10GBASE-LR (Long Reach) XFP optics modules. The AX741 is hot-swappable at any time into the switch and provides hot-swappable installation or removal of standard 10GBASE-X XFP optics modules.ProSAFE AX742 24Gbps Stacking KitThis accessory kit is utilized to connect two switches together in order to configure them into an operational stack of switches. The kit supplies 2 AX742 Stacking modules and a single high-capacity stacking cable. A minimum of a single kit is required to create a stack between two switches. A group of up to 8 switches can be interconnected to form a single stack by cascading the connections between switches. It is recommended that a final connection be established between the first and the last switch to create a loop topology. This provides two 24Gbps connections per switch within the stack. Once connected the stack operates as a 48Gbps resilient, self-healing, bi-directional ring. NetgGear ProSafe AX742 24 Gigabit Stacking Kit is one of many Networking Transceivers & Converters available through Office Depot. Made by Netgear.

NetgGear ProSafe AX742 24 Gigabit Stacking Kit Review

I'm surprised of colors NetgGear ProSafe AX742 24 Gigabit Stacking Kit. Looks different than on image!