Kryptonite New York 3000 - 13-2049



News from Kryptonite... New York Lock transformed into the even stronger New York 3000 Our ultimate motorcycle Ulock for urban areas and other high theft danger areas. 58 15 mm Throughhardened KryptoniumTMSteel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. New PiksafeTMdiscstyle cylinder virtually pickproof. New steel sleeve over crossbar provides double security protection. Integrated sliding dustcover protects cylinder. Double deadbolt locking mechanism for extensive holding power. Center keyway location deters leverage attacks. All Evolution 3000 series bicycle and motorcycle locks i.e. NY 3000,Evolution 3000 and NY Disc Lock can be keyed alike to another Evolution 3000 series locks. Vinyl coated and weatherproof.1000 USDAntiTheft Protection available in the USA and Canada. Free Lifetime Key Registration.Replacement keys available. 4 x 10.25 10.2 cm x 26 cm 4.25 lbs 1.93 kgs Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kryptonite New York 3000 - 13-2049 Review

I'm a little disappointed time of shipping, my relative got his Kryptonite New York 3000 - 13-2049 much more quickly, but I have to say that the product compansate the waiting time. It's really magnificent.