Evan-Moor (R) Daily Word Problems, Grade 3



Watch your students problem-solving abilities expand exponentially Theme-based, real-world applications are presented in 36 weekly sections. Fun themes include camping, ice-cream party, newspaper route, cats and football. Math skills practiced include: addition and subtraction facts; multiplication and division facts; multi-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping; multi-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping; multiplication with regrouping; multiplication without regrouping; division with remainders; division without remainders; telling time; money; fractions; reading and interpreting graphs and charts; geometry; logic problems. Evan-Moor (R) Daily Word Problems, Grade 3 is one of many Classroom Language Arts available through Office Depot. Made by Evan-Moor.

Evan-Moor (R) Daily Word Problems, Grade 3 Review

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