Cisco Aironet Dipole Antenna



Every wireless LAN deployment is different. When engineering an in-building solution, varying facility sizes, construction materials, and interior divisions raise transmission and multipath considerations. When implementing a building-to-building solution, distance, physical obstructions between facilities, and number of transmission points must be taken into account.Cisco is committed to providing the best access points, client adapters, and bridges in the industry - and is also committed to providing a complete solution for any wireless LAN deployment. Cisco has the widest range of antennas, cable, and accessories available from any wireless manufacturer.The Cisco Aironet AIR-ANT5135DG-R is a 5 GHz antenna for access point and bridge equipment that enables a customized wireless solution for almost any installation. Cisco Aironet Dipole Antenna is one of many Wireless Antennas available through Office Depot. Made by Cisco.

Cisco Aironet Dipole Antenna Review

I bought several network antennas and this is the right one.