Biltwell Model C LED Tail Light Black For Custom Applications - TL-MDC-AL-BK



This Biltwell parts combo includes everything you need to replace the enormous ModelA style taillight on most aftermarket platetaillight brackets. The footprint of our taillight is the same as the mounting surface on ModelA repops,but its scale and proportion looks much more at home on lean,strippeddown choppers.Fitment: Like every other taillight in the Biltwell line,our assembly is a custom accessory,and does not retrofit to any stock HD wiring harness or taillight bracket. If you have basic tools and customizing skills,installing the assembly on your ModelA style aftermarket taillight bracket is easy. For advanced chopper builders and home fabricators,we also offer two weldon brackets and one bolton bracket to solve a variety of custom applications. See photos attached for finished assembly on a variety of Biltwell and aftermarket brackets.Construction: CNC latheturned 6061 T6 aluminum light housing extra thick injectionmolded polycarbonate plastic lens with 540 Phillips head mounting screws diecut rubber internal LED spacer gasket custom 15element LED board with two phases brake light and running light and three wires ground,brake and running lights two 1420 button head Allen bolts for mounting on Biltwell custom fender bracket sold separately or existing ModelA style taillightlicense plate brackets.Details: The outside diameter of the alloy housing is just over 258 inches 67mm,and the red lens is an inch 35mm smaller: just 158 inches. When illuminated the LED is easily visible at 100 meters,but due to its small size it may not pass safety inspection in your state or country of registration. This is a custom component for handcrafted motorcycles,so the DOTworthiness of such vehicles is always dubious. If youre looking for laser brightness from outer space,please consider another taillight. Our taillight is for guys who want to build the cleanest,leanest custom motorcycle possible.

Biltwell Model C LED Tail Light Black For Custom Applications - TL-MDC-AL-BK Review

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