Benzara 97381 Adorable and Attractive Polystone Table Lamp



Benzara 97381 Adorable And Attractive Polystone Table Lamp Engrossed with the thought of decorating your living space with something really unique? Then acquire this exquisitely designed table lamp. They aid in illuminating just the desired fraction of your room instead of scattering light to the entire place. Place a wonderfully designed table lamp along your bedside or on top of your study table or in your living space besides the sofa, it will never fail to create an ecstatic presence. This table lamp will lend a sophisticated touch to your home interiors and would make everyone stare at it with immense praise for your classy and distinguished taste. Flower petals shaped green colored engravings on the surface of the stand make this table lamp look innovative in appearance. Top lamp portion in white makes a stunning combination with the green colored stand. So your late night study time or movie watching will now witness this lamp as your constant companion. Table Lamp Dimensions (inches) : L 8 x W 8 x H 28, L 15 x W 13 x H 11SHADEMade up of durable polystone materialCrafted to lend grace and style

Benzara 97381 Adorable and Attractive Polystone Table Lamp Review

This lamps & lighting arrived shortly and ive had em since July and ive had no problems since would recomend to anyone that needs lamps & lighting!